Blackfire is kidnapped by aliens on Tamaran, Starfire goes to rescue her but is brought down by… Blackfire who was really in league with the aliens. She is sold to a giant asteroid space station/whorehouse she must escape from…


Side scroller with RoR elements. In my previous project a common objection to the RoR game style is that “you get rewarded for failing”. While I don’t quite agree I came up with a mechanic to incentivize getting caught by enemies strategically, the inhibitor collar mechanic.

Power loss mechanic

Starfire is captured and fitted with a power draining slave collar at the start of the game.  However as she begins to be trained as a sex slave, her first orgasm releases a powerful surge of energy that overloads the collar. She recovers her powers, blasts her captors and escapes into the station.

As she flies around looking for an exit the collar resets and she falls from the sky, powerless. The collar is damaged but she cannot remove it and the only way to temporarily disable it is via an orgasmic power surge. She must now evade the station guards who want to recapture her by blending in with the population of the asteroid.