There are three kinds of npcs in the game, guards, customers and slave girls.

Guards are either heavily armed alien mercenaries or robots, they will attempt to hunt down Starfire and capture or kill her. Fully powered Star can hold her own against them, but wthout her powers she must flee and hide. Guards are programmed and instructed to avoid bothering customers.

Customers are a variety of horny aliens interested in having a good time, they will attempt to fuck everything they see, because that’s the whole point of this place!  They can be used as cover to avoid the security searches but they will try to fuck Starfire, and if she needs her powers to get past an obstacle she’ll have to let them.

Slave girls are fellow victims of the alien slavers, they will be found wandering about the play area having sex with clients and along the background and foreground being fucked (See the same effect in Parasite in the City). They will belong to various alien races (Potential scope for cameos). Some may be hostile or delay the player or provide information.

Blackfire has engineered this situation to pay back her gambling debts, but once she finds out her payment has escaped she is in trouble with the station owner who threatens to take her instead.

Blackfire will use a communicator to contact Starfire, who doesn’t realize her sister set her up. Pretending to guide her, Blackfire will actually lead her into ambushes and try to get her captured. Starfire still thinks she is “rescuing” her sister.

Potentially, Blackfire may be a playable character for a stage when the boss gets tired of her and tries to have her captured.

The big bad boss: Some generic Jabba the Hutt type? Suggestions welcome.