The game will be 3d models standing in for 2d sprites (Or possibly 3d generated sprites, or a mix), allowing for flexibility in animation and clothing. Starfire will have destructible clothing that gets worn down fighting, which can be repaired or replaced in game.

The station uses a “credit system” to incentivize the girls, who can obtain store credit from having sex with the customers. In theory with enough credits they can purchase their contract and leave, but in practice the company store system with it’s abusive prices ensures this will never happen.

Starfire is not interested in this game but wearing the collar means she is part of the credit system. Every time a customer has sex with her she will receive credit, which can be used to purchase healing items or repair/buy new clothing.

Clothing system

Starfire doesn’t really care about being naked, but the station uses a clothing related pricing system meaning the customers pay based on outfit rankings. A naked girl is cheapest of all, while various tiers of outfits increase her price. Since credit is deducted automatically in gameplay terms this means wearing some outfits will make customers avoid Starfire altogether, and bring in more credit when they don’t.

Other slavegirls may try to steal expensive outfits.

Certain outfits may be necessary to access specific areas, i.e. swimsuit for the pool/spa area, leather for the bdsm area, guard uniform for staff area, etc.  In these circumstances protecting the uniform/dress from damage may become an important game mechanic.